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International Scientific-practical Conference “Creation Paradigm in Modern Science: on the Road to an Integrated World View”

November 28-29, 2008. Ukraine, Ostroh. Organizers: Ostroh academy National University, Institute on the Origins and Development of
Life and the Universe, All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Spirituality and Well-being”, Spiritual Academy “International Center for Christian Leadership”,
All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Union for Christian Revival of Ukraine”.

Our 1sl International scientific-practical conference Creation Paradigm in Modern Science: on the Road to an Integrated J World View” is intended to respond to the most serious problems of science, education and society. The most serious problems of modem science are methodological problems, of modem education — problems of equality of rights of different world views, of modem man and society — problems of sense of life.
Scientists from the following countries will be present at the conference: Ukraine (Shevchenko National University Ukraine, Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, Precarpathian Vasyl Stefanyk University. Institute for Nuclear Research of Ukraine, Institute for Theoretical Physics of Ukraine Ukrainian Catholic University. Institute for Philosophy of Ukraine and others), Russia, USA, UK. Germany and other countries.
Scientists from the leading branches of natural sciences humanitarian sciences and theology, philosophers, workers of educational sphere, culture and other spheres, young scientists, graduate students and students are invited.

Section 1. “General Methodological and Philosophical Aspects of the Creation Paradigm in Science”
Section 2. “Methodological Problems of Natural Sciences”
Section 3. “Methodological Problems of Humanitarian Sciences”
Section 4. Spiritual Revival of a Person and Society: Education, Mass-media, Public And Religious Organizations”


Section 1. „ General Methodological and Philosophical Aspects of the Creation Paradigm in Science”
• Reasons of methodological crisis of modern science, its
• Inability of modern science to foresee and prevent eco-logical, humanitarian and other catastrophes, as well as to forecast the world history.
Natural-historical, metaphysical, ethical aspects of forming of new scientific methodology within the Creation
The notion of world view, its. kinds and role in science. Problems of integration of various world-view systems with science.

Section 2 “Methodological Problems of Natural Sciences”
The problem of dominance of materialistic; (naturalist atheistic) world view in modem natural science; reasons, consequences, alternatives,
• The notions of intellect, information, living, created, self organized matter, Intelligent Design, program, predestination, purpose etc. within the framework of Creation idea in natural sciences.
The problem of the origins and development of the living and non-living worlds within the Creation paradigm Relation between creation and evolution concepts.
Scientific world picture within the Creation paradigm.
Laws of origins and transference of information and intellect. Man as creator: scopes of human control over the nature, creation of new kinds of organisms etc.

Section 3 “Methodological Problems of Humanitarian Sciences”
• The problem of dominance of materialistic (naturalistic, atheistic) world view in modern humanitarian science: reasons, consequences, alterative.
• Creation of man and its nature by God as the main principle of understanding man, human communities and world history.
• The problem of the origins and development of spiritual human life and society within the Creation paradigm. Relation between creation and evolution concepts.
• Freedom and responsibility of man and human communities as expression of their spirituality; laws of formation of personality, society and state on this basis.
• Sense of existence as a scientific category in humanitarian sciences. Rights of man and human communities, their interconditionality and realization in this context.
• Subject, goal and problems of humanitarian sciences within the Creation paradigm.
• Proofs of personality of the Creator.

Section 4 “Spiritual Revival of a Person Society…”
Christen bases of the Euro-Atlantic civilization their essence, strengthening, historical metamorphoses, modem state and problems.
Christian roots of Ukrainian spirituality, its place in the European civilization.
The dominance of materialistic (naturalistic, atheistic) world view in public education of Ukraine; reasons, consequences, ways of solution of the problem.
Combination of the ideal of scientific knowledge with formation of the highest sense of life—as the main principle of education and purpose of collaboration of state, public and religious organizations in the field of education of man and spiritual revival of Ukraine.
The problem of unconcealed manipulation practices by the mass-media in the field of life standards and sense of existence.

For participation you should send a thesis of your re¬port (

< 5000 symbols) and the date and time of your arrival to the Organizational Committee via mail or e-mail.

1) by mail till October 10. 2008:
Orgomitet konferenciyi “Paradigma Tvorennia…”
vul. Seminarska, 2
m. Ostroh
obl. Rivnenska
35800 Ukraine

2) by e-mail till October 15. 2008:
.(JavaScript должен быть включён для просмотра email адреса), .(JavaScript должен быть включён для просмотра email адреса)

Format of theses: font Arial. size 11, line interval 1.5 , margins 2 cm on all sides.
From each participant up to 2 papers can be accepted (but only one of them will be published).
Verbal report: 15 min., discussion 5 min.
Stand report: poster size up to 125x80 cm2.

After your thesis is accepted by the Organizational Committee, you will be invited to participate (via mail or e-mail). During the conference or after in an author has to pass the complete paper in electronic form for publishing it in the proceedings book.
Registration fee is $50. Accommodation and food is free of charge for the conference participants. Operational languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

How get to the conference: to Kyiv or Lviv, then by train to the railway station . “Kryvyn” or “Ostroh”, then by a rout taxi to Ostroh academy National University (“Universitet Ostroz’ka akademiya”).

Start of registration: 1 hour before the opening.
Opening of the conf.: Friday, 28.11.2008, 11:00.
Closing of the conf.: Saturday, 29.11.2008,19:00.
Tel.: +38-067-7794705 (Pro-rector, Prof. Vasiliy Zhukovskiy), +38-044-4240746, +38-063-4451893

Scientist are incliner to intelligent design in the universe

Paul Devies, known astrophysicist:
“There is for me powerful evidence that there is something going on behind it all… It seems as though somebody has fine-tuned natures numbers to make the Universe… The impression of design is overwhelming. … Laws [of physics] seem to be the product of an extraordinarily genius constructing. The universe must have a goal”.

Max Plank, Nobel prize in physics:
“…Both religion and natural science require faith in God for their validity, then for the first (religion) God stands at the beginning, and for the second (science), at the conclusion of all intellectual activity. … The most direct proof of religion and science compatibility is the historical fact that the greatest naturalists of all times – Keler, Newton, Leibnitz etc.- were filled with deep religiousness”.

Wernher von Braun, pioneer of rocket engineering:
“I find it as difficult to understand a scientist who does not acknowledge the presence of a superior rationality behind the existence of the universe as it is to comprehend a theologian who would deny the advances of science”.

Michel Gerard, known biologist:
“…Laws of physics and chemistry tell us: “There must necessarily exist an intelligent design, there must exist a Creator, a Creator who has ordered the information”. This explanation is the most scientific of all available today”.

Arno Penzias, Nobel prince in physics:
“Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing, one with the very delicate balance, needed to provide exactly the conditions required to permit life and one which has an underlying (one might say “supernatural”) plan.

Yuriy Altukhov, known Russian geneticist:
“Intricacy, complexity and self regulation in the world of living things are such that one unavoidably comes to a conclusion of existence of a Plan, and consequently no place remains for a chance. … Faith and objective scientific knowledge do not conflict with each other”.

Vladimir Fortov, Vice-Pres. of the Rus. Acad. of Sciences:
“The facts accumulated lately by different scientific disciplines prejudice the “unchallengeable” theories of the past, for example Darwinism theory of life’s self generation on Earth, the commonly accepted calculation of geological epochs…”

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